The Answer


dark side of the moon. pc computer. can I touch you, friend?

Die Antwoord- Beat Boy

i'm gettin blown back by my blowdryer.

Die Antwoord- Wat Pomp

progeria.next level art. SAMPLING A DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION SONG?!?!?!

Die Antwoord- Enter the Ninja

Extremely clever viral marketing for Puma?
Amazing parody of stereotypical Afrikaan wankstas?
The best thing to happen this year?
That next level shit?

...Whatever man. Fuck.

Die Antwoord- Very Fancy


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  1. mofo you be all up on my shit... but i gotta say couldn't done a better post on them myself! im sure you saw the article on boingboing, but for whoever diggin' these guys be sure to check this out http://www.boingboing.net/2010/02/03/more-on-die-antwoord.html