Shuffle It Up

Well, with a feeling of boredom slowly creeping over me, it's time to try something new. So here's the first edition of Shuffle It Up! The concept is quite simple, when I have nothing to do I will turn on my shuffle and post the first 3 songs (5 this time) I can listen to the end without getting even more bored.

1. Lil Jon Ft. E-40 & Sean Paul - Snap Yo Fingers (Kaze Remix)
For those of you who like that electro hip-hop, then you'll want this one. Very well known song by Lil Jon remixed by Kaze. Check him out, his stuff is sick and he scratches damn fine.


2. Pilotpriest - Zipper (1994 Radio Mix)
Not quite sure where or what this song comes from, but amazing song! I'd say it's a mix of house with a wobbly bassline and a kinda disco feel to it.


3. Little Brother - Good Clothes
First song off the Justus League 2k8 Bootleg. Very dope hip-hop song with Little Brother killing it as usual. If you don't know this guy yet, be sure to go get his And Justus For All album.


4. Trademark Da Skydiver - Dead Fool
Trademark Da Skydiver is a member of Curren$y's FS Jets crew. This one is a straight up classic beat in our modern days. The song is the first to leak off his new mixtape A Day in The Life of: Issue 2, which is the follow up to his first mixtape Trademark Presents Da Skydiver Issue 1. Y'all can get the first mixtape here.


5. Skillz - 2009 Rap Up
Ahhh Yeaaa it's your man Skillz doing it again for 09. Since 2002, Skillz has been doing a year end wrap up with everything from politics, national & international news and of course the music industry. Once again he does it to perfection! Check out the lyrics here


Well that's it for the first edition, see you next time folks.


  1. yeahyeah get on that grizzzzyy mr bynzford

  2. Thanks for keeping us afloat Binette! I'll update in a few days. So little time to do anything