<3 Because there is nothing better than a beautiful woman's embrace on a cold Friday night. That, or copious amounts of controlled substances and great electronic music. Pick your battles, my friends.

Lana Del Rey- National Anthem (demo)

 Brand new leaked demo from indie goddess Lana Del Rey. Not really getting all of the hate surrounding this lady, to be honest with you. I've loved everything that she has released thus far, and I truly believe that she is a bona-fide pop star. Her entire image/allure, fabricated or not, is mad sexy and appealing.  I'm a fan.

Ahmet Sendil- Are Your Kisses Dynamite ( Andrea Roma remix)

 As you may have noticed, I'm in a very heavy minimal/techno/dark house phase. If you have any producers to recommend in these styles, please feel free to suggest a few in the comments. Winter is a great time for these kinds of dark vibes, given the nigh-total lack of sunlight in Montreal. Eyes-closed, hands-in-the-air kind of magic.

  Trentemoller- Miss You

 4:03 of pure, unadulterated beauty. Majestic, tragic, and gorgeous! Trentemoller is so good.

Have yourselves a pleasant evening.





Let's start off the New Year in style. As you may have noticed, we've revamped our whole site, bringing our A-Game in 2012. More posts, more coverage, more collaborations, more love.

I'll keep it really shortthis evening, but we'll be throwing up a few little features shortly.

If anyone wants to link up, get as us.

Joseph Capriati- Gashouder (Original Mix)

A$AP Rocky- Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)

Tonight, we're featuring incredibly dark and hypnotic minimal techno from Italy's Joseph Capriati & A$AP Rocky's new banger, whose beat is crafted by the always great SpaceGhostPurrp. A little bit of something for everyone. Style, swagger and substance. If that isn't a good metaphor for Avenge The Virgins, I don't know what is.

We hope you dig ATV 2.0. See you tomorrow.



Sensory Overload

In a nutshell. A pleasant start to the New Year, to say the least.

Pawel- Coke (Original Mix)
Ricardo Villalobos- MDMA
Elektrochemie- Pleasure Seeker

My nerves ache.





Best of year lists? Favorite songs? Best live sets? Uh, why not. Normally I resist this kind of thing, and since most of you are going to skip this post, I might as well indulge.

Favorite song of the year: Probably Jacques Greene- Another Girl. It's definitely the one I've played the most often.

Best DJ set of the year: God, 2011 is kind of a blur. From what I can remember, there were two particularly memorable events for me. Salva, Shlohmo, LOL Boys & Azamat B at Blue Dog was on some next-level debauchery, and Round Table Knights at Igloofest was pretty swell, too. I'm sure I missed tons of other ones, but I was hitting the sauce pretttttty hard this year. Also, I worked way too much, so I missed tons of things I would have loved to hit, like Araabmuzik, Mutek and Canblaster. Oh well, 2012 is mine.

Best Live show of the year: Bon Iver at Metropolis, hands down.

Best new artist/album of the year: The Weeknd, and his Trilogy (House of Balloons, Thursday & Echoes of Silence). A definite game changer.

Producer to watch in 2012: Clams Casino. As Lex Luger was to 2011, Clams Casino will be to 2012. The blueprint is changing, folks.

Yeah, it's a pretty shitty list. I'm getting mentally ready for the post-apocalyptic destruction of my synapses this evening, and also at work, so you'll have to forgive me.

Oh, and by the way, ATV version 2 is just about ready. ;)

Happy New Year, you glorious bastards.


Did you really think we'd let you go without posting one last song?

This one has already been posted by yours truly, albeit 2 years ago. It is a perennial favorite of mine, and one of the greatest house songs ever.

We in Brooklyn, baby. This is how we get down.

Loco Dice- Pimp Jackson is Talking Now

Love y'all.



2011 Last Mixtape: Mackpaye for WATM

Capping off the year in style, our big homie Mackpaye from France presents to you one of the finest techno/house mixes in recent memory.

Flawlessly mixing some of the year's tightest selections in the darker side of techno and house, this young producer takes us on an epic trip. Both rabidly heavy and insanely danceable, his mix for French magazine WeAreTheMascotte deserves all of your love. This is a mix that you can drop at a party, on the ipod, in the car, and it will still elicit the same feverish reaction. Mackpaye, as we have been saying for an ungodly amount of time, is one of the finest young selectors on the rise. Production-wise and mixing-wise, he is a serious force to contend with.

You need to play this, download it, and spread it amongst your friends. You won't regret you did.

So long, 2011. It's been an interesting ride. Too much work, not enough partying. 2012's looking mighty sexy, though.

Let's get it.


2011 Last Mixtape: mixed by Mackpaye for WeAreTheMascotte

1 - John Digweed & Nick Muir - 30 Northeast [Bedrock Records]
2 - Baba Black - All Black [Palms Out Sounds]
3 - SCNTST - Globus [BNR]
4 - Def Rock - Attack [CDR]
5 - Hey Today! - Minor (TWR72 Remix) [Kitsuné]
6 - La Fuente - Bang Bang [Mixmash Records]
7 - Attaque - Moderate [Badlife]
8 - Fareoh - Ipren [CDR]
9 - Nero - Crush On You (Brodinski Remix) [MTA Records]
10 - The Loops Of Fury - I Need [U&A Recordings]
11 - Dj Triplex - Scream [CDR]
12 - TWR72 - Summer Of 91 [CDR]
13 - Grown Folk - U Know The Time [CDR]
14 - Carte Blanche - Jack On The Moon ♥ ∞ M

Mackpaye soundcloud
Mackpaye facebook
We Are the Mascotte



Twerk it out: Glasswork

Glasswork is a new project from Reims native Andrea, formerly of the much-loved house duo Art Nouveau. I've had my ear to the grindstone ever since they announced the dissolution of the project, as I was a big fan of their music, and knew that they wouldn't just stop making music completely.

Glasswork has released a few screwed-up edits so far, which you can check out on his soundcloud, but he sent over this brand new production, a housy marvel called Unfinished Love.

Glasswork- Unfinished Love

Simple and sweet, Unfinished Love has a great mix of vibes, featuring chandelier-shaking toms and a sweet hands-in-the-air synth melody. It's a very promising debut from a young producer who has already proven his mettle (to me anyways).

Show some love if you're a fan.



l'amour et la liberté

I am in a very pleasant headspace these days. Life is pretty rad. Great friends, great parties, great vibes. Let go of the shit that is dragging you down, and embrace the positivity.

I'll just be posting some tunes that I've been bumping heavily these past few days. As the new year comes along, I'll devote a lot more time to up-and-coming producers, and we will finally drop the new version of the site. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see, please let me know.

For now, please enjoy the vibes.

Lulu Rouge- Sweeter Than Sweet
Alex Boman- Purple Drank
Machinedrum- Alaarma
Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink- Gas Pump
Bon Iver- I can't make you love me