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Check out more work by Sami Viljanto!

By now you've most likely seen the name "Club Cheval" on the blog a few times. As previously mentioned, we were expecting 2011 to be a tremendous year for this continental tornado of fatness. 

Myd & Sam Tiba

These two artists from France have been putting out some solid material in the past. Some of their dopest tunes have already been brought up on the blog so go grab them here or here!

Eccy - Old Snake Rapier (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix) by samtiba


His most recent release on Sound Pellegrino, "Kegstand", is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously grab the whole thing, both originals and their respective remixes are killer, but what amazed me the most in the EP is "Horreo"! The whole Club Cheval crew hop on this track and murder it. Think of some hip-hop song where you have the artists spitting some crazy verses one after another. Now try to envision this concept on an electro song. I'm not even sure what I'm saying anymore so just listen for yourself!

Panteros666 - Horreo (Ft. Club Cheval) (128kbps)


Wild-card time! A week ago I  mentioned Monsieur Monsieur was finally releasing some new material, well without further ado here is the massive remix by Canblaster. Oh and as always show some love and purchase the EP here!

Monsieur Monsieur - Dirty Minded (Canblaster Remix) (128kbps)


If you think you're capable of handling more stuff, you're in luck my friends.

Canblaster's mix for XLR8R is insane, how can anyone is their right mind fit more than 50 songs in an hour long mix. On top of that, a ton of the songs are unreleased... So yeah.... Grab it here!

Sam Tiba has also done some retarded work on Sound Pellegrino's Podcast. Once again there's a Godly amount of unreleased music I want (the Myd remix of Swick's Be Stupid anyone?) Be smart, don't be a retard and suscribe to the Podcast!

As for some material that has been released, Top Billin dropped some Club Cheval remixes today. There's a few gems in this release so BUY BUY BUY!

Woah this was exhausting... Providing music for the masses.



Laid Back Sunday #19

Good evening everyone. This is your captain speaking. Today's music will reflect how I'm feeling today : fuck all. A bit of everything ranging from rap classics to pop hits. Put your pants on & lets do this.

Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You
AH ! This song will never get played out. I used to shake my ass to this beat when I was like 10 years old and still am rocking it. Edwyn Collins is crazy. He's a musician, an illustrator, an actor, TV show producer and record producer. I mean, the dude does it all.

Elaquent - High Score Interlude
Elaquent is the man for futuristic hiphop instrumentals. This beat is quite short since it's an interlude off his After Midnight album but for a certain reason I keep on playing this track on and on. Make sure to check him out. I've been following him for quite some time and he's been releasing straight fire since. The guy is from Ontario, support the local talents

Ice Cube & Dr. Dre - Hello
As I mentioned in the intro, today I'm really posting anything that pleases my ears. This jam brings back some good memories. Ice Cube was one of the first album I bought back in the 90s.

This is some serious live performance intro. Peep this

I Monster - The Backseat Of My Car (Sticky Black Vinyl Mix)
Ending this post with a completely different vibe. Remember the infamous Daydream track that was probably redone/remixed by 20 different people? Well we've posted the original by I Monster some time ago. This song here is an other track off the same album called Neveroddoreven. Cause we all like to do it in "ZZE Backseat of my caaar"

anyhow, hope you enjoyed today's randomness,

see you next time



Oh! Vinyl

BeatauCue dropped his "Disque Oh!" EP on Kitsuné almost 3 weeks ago. This French duo from Caen have been steady satisfying my ears with there seemingly endless array of top notch remixes. From when I first encountered their work on big artists such as Major Lazer, Brodinski & Noob, Crookers, Solo, French Fries to their most recent remixing of Paul Chambers, Boys Noize, Daniel Haaksman & the solid remix of BRRRAT! they have progressively been getting better and better.

The whole EP has a very warm disco-ish feel to which is amplified with the use of the glitched up vocal and well simply how the song sounds. The 5 remixes on the EP touch on everything from a remix by Don Rimini with an even greater disco feel to it, to some dubstep with High Rankin, a nice tropical sound with J-Wow from Buraka Som Sistema and a nice electro banger with Eumig & Chinon.

Grab my two favorite remixes in 128kbps and be sure to support the artists if you like what you're hearing!

BeatauCue - Disque Oh! (J-Wow Remix)

BeatauCue - Disque Oh! (Eumig & Chinon Remix)





Luchini BWOY

I was browsing through our ATV email inbox to clean up all the useless emails when I landed on this. A "mash up" by Mr. Physix. Yes I know, we always seem to talk about the fact that mashup artists usually lack a bit of production skills.

BUUUUUT, once again this track by Mr. Physix is an exception to the rule. I mean, when I saw Camp Lo & Rusko in the subject I was already down to give this track a shot.

I'm a real sucker for dope emcee lyricist remixed over an electronic sound. Since I already had posted the original from Camp Lo and the song sampled for the beat, this was a no brainer. You'll be bumping this track in no time.

Mr Physix - Soldier of Luchini (Camp Lo X Rusko X The Temper Trap)

have a good night


Best of the Rest vol 1

Good afternoon, people. Given that Calibar has had quite a bit of success with his Laid Back Sundays, I thought it would be a good idea to start up another weekly segment. Now, I know that I have often said this, but this time around it's for real. This new segment, called Best of the Rest, will shine a little light on the producers who sent us their tunes. I'll post my five favorite songs that we receive by e-mail every week. We are flooded with tunes daily, and I figure that it's better to give a bit of exposure to people who actually take time out of their day and send something over. Although a lot of the crap we get is mailing list spam, I'll try to favor people who actually write to us.

There's a lot of decent stuff, so hopefully you'll dig some of it. Of course, some of it might have already been posted on other blogs, but whatever. Again, people, these are MY favorite ones, an opinion not necessarily shared by my comrades. And, to be honest, there might not be that many amazing tunes every week, but I'll try to pick out the best ones. If you sent over a tune and it didn't get included, my bad. Wading through a sea of mailing lists to find the gems is not always so easy.

Now, on to the music.

1. DATO (Denmark)

DATO- My life is perfect now ( featuring Jannie Linnebæk)

Holy fuck. This is top quality disco. DATO is Thomas Erichsen & David Kosteljanetz, a talented production team from Copenhagen. They enlisted the help of a talented vocalist whose vocal chops fit perfectly with this trancey vocal disco house. Keep an eye out for these dudes. Funky stuff.


2. Sol (USA)

Sol- Kickitwitchu

Ever since Cal's post on Sol's stoner anthem I'm So High reached number 1 on the Hype Machine, I've been keepin' my eyes out for new material by this Seattle MC. Underground Hip-Hop is much more of Cal's specialty than mine, but I know how to appreciate a decent spitter when I hear one. This one, produced by Jacks Green (SO CONFUSED) is a really dope slow jam for the ladies. Smooth lines, a rad soulful backdrop and r&b styling all combine to make this one into another hit for Sol.


3. Two Inch Punch (England)

(Now streaming only by request)

+++ Love You Up. --- by +Two Inch Punch-

The last tune we posted by lovestep producer Two Inch Punch was definitely well received, and I really dug it, so it was nice to see this pop up in the inbox a few days ago. Two Inch Punch, as we've mentioned before, makes glitchy reworks of soul tunes, and falls neatly in the category of Luvstep, which is named after an amazing mix by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix that came out last Valentine's Day. (New one coming soon! stoked!) Love You Up is a synthy, stuttering glitchfest of a tune that I'm hoping you'll get a kick out of.


4. Villains (USA)

Fischerspooner - Infidels Of The World Unite (Villains Remix) (radio edit) by Villains

Brand new remix of Fischerspooner's great tune Infidels of the World Unite by Los Angeles remixers Villains. This one is out on Dim Mak as of now, and is moving rapidly up the beatport charts. Sure, it's abusively distorted and bangin, but it's nice to listen to balls-to-the-wall rave remixes once in a while to switch it up.


5. Vancans (USA)

Vancans x Nina Simone- What's a woman to do?

This is a rather bizarre one, a kind of twangy and jazzy re-edit of Nina Simone's He Ain't Comin Home No More. It's a very simple rework, basically all he did was add a little drum beat and slightly chopped up the beat a tiny bit, but it's a laid-back remix that is perfect for a lazy afternoon where you just want to lounge around and smoke cigarettes and drink tea. Definitely not a bad entry. Not a game changer by any means, but I like it for what it is.





square shaped box

All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy.

Bynie's post struck a chord, to be honest. Should I just post a one-sentence description, or do you guys & gals actually read these drawn-out paragraphs? Let me knowwww.

Creep- Days (Deadboy remix)

CREEP, one of the more promising "Witch House" bands, is Lauren Dillard (?) and the funky Lauren Flax (she made a bunch of spacey remixes/was tour DJ for Fischerspooner, Le Tigre, etc). Days is a sparse creeper (I really should not update with 2 hours of sleep in me)featuring Romy Madley-Croft from the xx, who has one of my favorite voices. Deadboy's take on it turns the tune into a dark atmospheric 2-step anthem. Take out that gun-finger and get ready to skank it out.

Jacques Greene- The Look (Koreless remix)

Ever since Jacques Greene first started releasing tunes several months ago, I've been a big fan. The fact that he was from Montreal only added to my appreciation of his material, to be honest. Hometown pride, fuck yeah. After a while though, I wondered how this guy could have flown under the radar of the local scene and come out with such strong material and get released on two of the best labels around, meaning Night Slugs & LuckyMe, without ever having played a show.

That's when I dug a bit deeper, and I realized that not only have I heard of Jacques Greene before, I've also seen him DJ a few times and have even posted a lot of his material in the past. Now, the following information is not touched upon by him often, understandably, although not because he wants to distance himself from his former alias. He thinks that the music should speak for itself. And it does. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want & The Look are monstrous and are getting rinsed by a huge number of influential DJs. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Another Girl, arguably his best work yet. Jacques Greene is the brightest star in the futuristic bass scene.

Jacques Greene = Hovatron. Yeah, that Hovatron. Consider my mind completely blown to pieces. Night Trackin' fam run tings in Montreal, get familiar.

Michael Mind- Baker Street (Vocal remix)

Corny house music? Fuck yes. This is for the soccer moms and early-morning joggers in all of us.

Busta Rhymes- Dangerous (Dainjah remix)

This one is an old favorite, a remix I download 4 years ago and have been bumping ever since. Efficient, groovy and catchy. Throw in a little Busta and you've got some damn good gumbo.

GD & TOP- Knockout (produced by Diplo)

I came across this insane tune a few days ago on the all-mighty Mad Decent, and I still am not entirely certain of what's going on. All I know is that I can't help but keep it on repeat and watch this Korean duo hop around and say "bubble bubble". Apparently GD & TOP are huge stars in the K-Pop scene, and met up with Diplo when he toured Seoul. I've always had a huge amount of respect for Diplo, ever since I first heard Piracy Funds Terrorism, and have loved almost everything he's ever put out, but this is bananas! He's always been pretty huge, but it seems that after Paper Planes & Major Lazer, he is taking things to the stratosphere. With high-profile collabos with Tiesto, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne all garnering huge amounts of praise, the mainstream is finally paying attention.

I've always approached K-Pop & J-Pop & J-Rock with a healthy amount of wariness and disgust, probably due to a traumatic experience listening to Dir En Grey while stoned in College, but these dudes can actually rap. Of course, I don't understand a single fuckin' word, but it sounds dope enough to me!

The styling in this is insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. Tanks, segways and bubble wrap? Swag.

See you tomorrow for the inauguration of my new weekly segment, called Best of The Rest. I'm pretty sure you'll dig it.



up in smoke

Being wasted on Sake Monday night is awesome. Less amusing to have class the next morning and try to pull a post out of your ass. Regardless, set rips from BBC Radio & BNR Super Acid is where it's at today.

Cassius - I Love You So (Skream Remix) (Radio Rip)

Rusko - Everyday (Radio Rip)

Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Harvard Bass - Extreme Compote (128kbps)

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle) (128kbps)

My friend is convincing me no one reads the random blurbs for songs, so sadly for tonight you just get the music while I go out and regret being at Fouf.

B is for bad beer at foufs... bleh


amanita muscaria

Once again, we'd like to apologize for the somewhat sporadic posting. Motherfucker, I'm ill. Seriously, I have a shitty viral infection of some sort. And we party too much, in general. Do you know how hard it is to write a half-decent post when you're hungover? Jesus. Anyways, I'm starting the new segment on Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled and your trigger finger on the refresh button.

Just a quick lil' post to get the juices flowing

Guido- Mad Sax (Stranger Day remix)

North Carolina MC and Avenge The Virgins favorite Stranger Day puts in another solid effort, this time he goes in on the massive Mad Sax by UK dubstep producer Guido. This one took me by surprise, to be honest, if only because the sample choice was a bit out of left field. It's nice to see a rapper jump on an actual quality dubstep tune instead of a wobble anthem, but whatever floats your boat.

Also, he mentioned to us that he would like to rap over Girl Unit tunes, which would be all sorts of rad. Why has no one laid a verse on WUT yet? Regardless, Stranger Day does not disappoint on this one. Stay up, fam.

Free Energy- Something in common

Catchy-as-fuck indie pop that rocks your proverbial socks off. Boom. Not terribly cerebral, but you can definitely groove to this. The nice little synth and propulsive bass line make this an undeniably funky little jam.

Christoph Andersson - Capital (Jim-E Stack Remix) by JIM-E STACK

This dude's music is the future! Admittedly, I say this quite a bit about tons of producers, but it's true! New Orleans' maestro of sorts Jim-E Stack has gained a lot of popularity recently, due in large part to his fantastic remix of Nguzunguzu's Mirage, which was talked about on all the right channels. This particular tune sounds like a club version of a Zelda quest on peyote, if that makes any sense (it shouldn't). Soulful, mystical and all the right amounts of sexiness. What more do you want out of a tune? Brilliant.

see you tomorrow



Laid Back Sunday #18

Illustration by Conrad Roset

Talib Kweli's 1st album since leaving Warner Bros is here. Released under his new label "Talibra" the album is called "Gutter Rainbows" and is featuring some dope producers such as : Ski Beatz, 88-Keys, Oh No, etc.

The track I decided to share with you guys is featuring Sean Price, 1 of the many talents from the Boot Camp Clik.

Talib Kweli - Palookas Feat. Sean Price

Paul White, the master of weird psychedelic music produced this beat a while ago but I really think you'll go crazy with this one. Sick instrumental topped with Guilty Simpson breaking down some dope flow.

Paul White - Ancient Treasure ft. Guilty Simpson (Paul White's Day Off Remix)

Also decided to drop 2 classic beats by hip hop legends. You can never go wrong with some De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest. Perfect chilling vibe.

A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again
De La Soul - The Bizness feat. Common

It's been so long since the last time we posted gangster rap. To cure this dry streak, dropping a Dipset joint was a no brainer. These guys have been producing some real quality gangster rap for years. Nothing to be associated with the hip hop posted above though.

Jim Jones - We Flying feat. Noe & Mel Matrix

peace, enjoy your Sunday



J Dilla x Madlib

As some of you may already know, Jaylib "Champion of Sound" is one of my favorite album of all time. If you happen to share the same ideology, you'll be happy with this one.

This beat, released today, might not be the best sound you've heard coming from Madlib & J Dilla but since this shit doesn't come around often I thought it was post worthy. Probably an old JDilla joint that Madlib decided to spit some random shit over it while getting high.

Jaylib - Louder

And since I was talking about Madlib being high, here ya go, Quasimoto for the win.

Quasimoto (Madlib) - Greenery




we call the shots

well well well

seems like I skipped a Laid Back Sunday. So sorry about this one, I was gone snowboarding for the whole weekend. Football playoffs also took a big chunk of my time. ANYWAY, it will be back this weekend, don't worry.

Today's music originates from the UK. I felt like gettin' my English swag on. BRATHA

Since I'm not the best with words, music will do the trick. Some uptempo drum n' bass mixed with a sprinkle of grime/hiphop. AH !

B Complex - Beautiful Lies
High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Danny Byrd - Red Mist VIP
JME - I'm The Best
NiYi - Jungle Fever

have fun.




After a long wait, it's finally here! John Roman has released his Sing! EP on Idiot House Records. Having first heard this on his "Reclusion" mix about 6 months back, I've been nagging this young Torontonian to share this track with me. Well I'm very stoked to be able to share it with our readers today. John has the ability to create innovative dance music which pleases the masses. This is only a low quality promo so go and get the 320k on Beatport along with an sick Acid Beats remix and two other originals! SUPPORT

John Roman - Sing!

In a hurry so just download these songs. First is a proper dubstep rendition of bass down low. The second is an old Snoop Dog song with righteous middle eastern vibes.

The Cataracts Ft. Dev - Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)

RDB Ft. Snoop Dog - Singh Is King



roska x rbma

Just putting up a quick little post for you this morning, my friends. Hope it is to your liking.

Actually, while I'm at it, I'll take this opportunity to throw in some monthly reminders.

1. To download the songs that we post, right-click then save link as. (sigh...Why do I have to repeat this so often?)

2. If you have the chance and/or the desire, show some love by either following us on Facebook, Twitter or Hype Machine.

And now, on with the show....

Red Bull Music Academy first appeared on my radar when they released AMAZING videos of lectures by a huge variety of producers, musicians and even rappers. Essentially, these are two hour lectures/q&a's, given to students at the academy.

Red Bull Music Academy accepts a very small number of applicants per year, a talented few who get to produce to their heart's content for a few weeks while being surrounded by industry veterans and top-of-the-line equipment. (Montreal's own Lunice was a graduate last year, by the way)

Check those out here. They're a great way to lose a few hours. A lot of insightful stuff in there.

Regardless, Red Bull Music Academy has actually started a radio program, Red Bull Music Academy Radio (Keep it simple, stupid) which features a lot of exclusive content and mixes from an extremely wide range of producers.

They've given us the go-ahead to give this brand new live mix of UK powerhouse Roska to you, so please enjoy it.

Look, it even comes with a pre-written blurb. How convenient, considering I'm bloody tired.

What better way to scoff a full English than with Roska's soulfully hyped show on Rinse FM every Tuesday brunch time? Bringing more bounce to the ounce than most, Roska's blend of house and UK funky is characterised by its rapidly struck drums and surging sub-bass. His switch from MC to producer and DJ has paid off, with Roska central to the latest of London's hyped-up home-grown scenes. Numerous remixes, including Zed Bias' classic Neighbourhood, plus a string of releases on his Roska Kicks & Snares label have confirmed his prominence. Here he graces the decks at Meet Factory in Prague. Say his name, say his name!

See you tomorrow for yet another Laid Back Sunday with Ye Olde Calibabarbarian. By the way, this just happens to be our 300th post. Sweeeeet, innit?




You're my favorite daydream

Photo credit goes to Nightlife.ca.

This past tuesday, I headed up to La Sala Rossa on St-Laurent to witness what was probably one of the finest performances I've ever seen in my life. Local boys Pat Jordache opened up for the amazing NY outfit Twin Shadow, and it blew my mind to bloody pieces. I had occasionally listened to a few of Twin Shadow and its charismatic frontman/singer/guitarist/songwriter George Lewis Jr's tunes before I went to the show, but after their spellbinding, sold-out performance, I must say that I have become a loyal fan. They were REALLY fucking rad, man.

Pat Jordache

The opening group was Pat Jordache, an impressive 5 piece outfit with two drummers, that plays really awesome lo-fi pop. After reading up a bit on them, I realized that I actually had seen the lead singer before, back when he was the saxophone player in Islands.

Pat Jordache, however, does not resemble that pretentious wuss-rock band at all. Most of the songs on their debut tape (something I haven't bought since I used to order underground black metal tapes back in the day. Worth the eight bucks though, it's pretty awesome) were recorded on free software and crappy equipment. As a live band, they laid it down proper, with songs ranging from mumbled baritone funk to catchy Ariel Pink-esque weirdo voodoo rock.

Pat Jordache- Get it

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow- Castles in the Snow

To be honest with you, the best thing about Twin Shadow is George Lewis Jr. In a live setting, this guy is a monster. It is impossible to take your eyes off of him, his swagger is way too mighty ahaha. But seriously though, he's such a magnetic force onstage, singing with such raw intensity and emotion, that it is literally nigh-impossible to do anything but stare gape-jawed at the dopeness. His band, which features a drummer, a keyboard player and a bassist are really tight as well, and definitely play their part in making each tune groove and flow. George Lewis Jr is the personification of blues, funk dandy romantic pop and pure soul, and its hard not to fall in love with this band.

Twin Shadow- I can't wait

I might seem really fanboyish while describing them, but I was really, really impressed. Each song flowed so smoothly, and even though their sound is a throwback to 80s new wave and pop (kinda), they are not the least bit soft. They still have an hard edge to them, and surprisingly, the crowd (which wasn't too hipsterish, either) went wild. Pretty much everyone was two-steppin with a big grin on their face, which is always nice to see. It's nice to see a performer really open up to a crowd and to see that crowd react to raw, visceral emotion. I think the fact that there is clearly no production trickery involved, and that they can actually really throw it down increases their appeal tenfold(oh, and as a sidenote, Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear produced their only album. Rad!)

Twin Shadow crafts instantly memorable and catchy pop tunes that are completely timeless in their appeal, unlike a lot of bands who try to emulate the same sounds. They do wear their influences on their sleeve, but it never sounds forced or contrived. This is authentic, heartfelt pop music for the ages, but it is nowhere near cheesy, commercial or 'safe'.

Twin Shadow- Slow

Besides being a fine guitarist, George also happens to have skills in remixing. He was recently commisioned by The Fader and legendary Salsa label Fania to remix a song by Ray Baretto. You can check that one out here, but I've actually posted his very recent remix of Danish songstress Oh Land's tune White Nights. His retooling of the sweet vocals, synth lines and drums warps it into a frantic disco love song.

Oh Land- White Nights (Twin Shadow remix)

Anyways, I've been bouncing back-and-forth between writing this and working for the past few hours, so let's wrap this up. This band is dope, if they stroll through your town you'd be a fool not to go see them, and they are going to be huge. BUY THEIR RECORD, it's one of the best of 2010.

And finally, to cap off the post, here's a new tune from Montreal rising stars Prince Club (ex Mad Kids). Call it tech-house, call it future r'n'b, call it whatever the hell you want, I just call it dope. This young duo have already released several EPs this year, and they have another one forthcoming on the mighty Discobelle records.

The amount of blogs that are showering praise on this talented pair of producers is going up exponentially with every release, and their tunes have been rinsed by Brodinski, Round Table Knights, Sinden, Riva Starr, and many more influential DJs. With that much support and a growing fanbase, I would expect 2011 to be Prince Club's year to blow. I, for one, have been jamming out non-stop to Love Jackson and Charma, some of their previous jams, and am definitely lookin forward to the new releases. Keep your eyes peeled!

Prince Club- 303s & 808s

The weekend is coming up, and you can catch us this week at Igloofest for Night Trackin (Jacques Greene, Seb Diamond & Duvall), Lunice and Stanton Warriors' sets on Saturday in the Old Port. Let's get hyphyyyy.



just passin us by

Top o' the morning to everyone.

Hourglass Sea- L.A Lights

This is a reader's submission, a really dope piece of laid back electronic funk madness. Hourglass Sea is a producer out of the UK who really gets down with the basslines and the samples. Even though comparing artists is a tired and uninspiring music journalism technique, I cannot help but get a early Hudson Mohawke vibe from this. The groovy rnb steez coupled with the futuristic lazer sounds seal the deal for me, and honestly, who can hate on Super Mario coin sounds? You should check out his soundcloud for his other track Teenager, kind of on the same tip. Although he doesn't have that much material out (only two songs on the soundcloud), I'm hoping that you show this guy enough support so that he can release more bangin' tunes.

The next entry comes from a Canadian group called A Tribe Called Red. They are a group of Native American producers/djs that have gained quite a bit of exposure recently, after being talked about on MTV, Mad Decent and Montreal's own record label/blog Masala. DJ Frame from A Tribe Called Red hit us up with a few links a few weeks ago, and while it's taken a little time for it to grow on me, I've been catching myself bumping their crazy pow wow rave anthems a lot these days.

Electric pow wow drum by A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red samples Native American sounds and traditional music, and meshes it with modern electronic music sounds, be it dubsteppy sub-bass bangers or upbeat club stabs. Although they have not released most of their material (only available on soundclound so far), the reaction to their tunes has been so positive that I'm certain that they'll get some kind of push this year. While Ottawa is not a city that's known for its craziness (actually, it's bloody fucking dull), the fact that it has spawned a crew this dope might make me reconsider its worth hahaha.

And to finish off the post, I would like to introduce you to a fantastic artist out of our very own Montreal. I should probably devote an entire post to him, because there is so much to say about his style, but I figure that a few videos, songs and words could satisfy your hunger for now. If you dig this stuff, I can definitely hunt down more of his material and post it. Let me know in the comments.


Bad News Brown- Reign

Hip-Hop was born from sampling old funk and soul records, and as time went on, sampled pretty much everything under the sun. However, one sound that has almost never been really exploited is the blues (Actually, it's like 06:45 in the morning and pretty bloody tired, so I might be wrong on this one). The harmonica, besides being one of the raddest intruments ever, is Bad News Brown's calling card. Odds are you've probably never heard of this guy, but he gets a lot of respect from the underground hip-hop scene, and has opened for Raekwon, Nas, Busta Rhymes and Cypress Hill.

Bad News Brown is a vet in the Montreal scene, an extremely talented and prodigious musician who started out busking on the streets, then hit open mic nights and paid his dues. Harmonica, as you'll soon find out, is apparently the perfect companion to 808s. Good lord this is fine music. Just when I thought hip-hop had exhausted its possibilities, it goes ahead and surprises the hell out of me.

Bad News Brown- Born 2 Sin

I hope that you've enjoyed today's post, and I hope to be starting a segment soon that'll let us show some appreciation and love to our great readers and followers.

Be easy.




King Fantastic is a new find for me and although they've been around for some time (sad how 5 months is old for me) I've decided to share some dope material today.

I must warn you, having stumbled upon this clip in class, it is very cool but also very NSFW. So please don't play this gem fullscreen at work, just wait till your home to fully enjoy Kristina Rose wreaking havoc in all her sublime nudity.

King Fantastic - Why Where What

Being blown away from the clip and the gritty beat, I just had to look up more stuff. Call it "DubRap", call it as you like, but all it reminds me of is UK Grime with a West Coast twist. Either/or I'm stoked to see US rappers spitting on some hard electro or dubstep tracks. Here are a few of my favorite songs of their's, starting with a remix by fellow Canadians Knight Riderz!

King Fantastic - Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic (Knight Riderz Remix)

Bassnectar - Basshead (King Fantastic Remix)

The Bird & The Bee - Because (King Fantastic Remix)

For a tremendous amount of free videos, songs and remixes check out the King's Website.

On with the fantastic music. Little AtV bonus for you guys and gals. Fantastic Mr. Fox released his Evelyn EP in November on Black Acre Records and I'm hoping all the best for him in 2011. This young producer from Manchester is a master at cutting up vocals and instrumentals and rearranging them to create his own sounds in a genre he terms "post-dubstep". If you ask me, his style reminds me of James Blake. Which is fantastic because "CMYK" was one of my favorite songs in '10.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sepia Song



Laid Back Sunday #17

1st laid back Sunday of 2011. Decided to go with an underground groove for today's post. Sharing music that you might of never heard the artist's name before really gives me a kick. Hope you'll enjoy

Black Cloud Music - Shed No Tears (Rosevelt, Curtiss King, And Jynxx)

This track is off one of the latest musical project by record company Black Cloud Music. This mixtape was recorded in only 12 days ! The quality here is humongous considering the small amount of time put in this project.

Their videos are quite good too. This is an other song off the same mixtape.

The Lytics - Big City Sound Girl
The Lytics - Last Bit (Lovely Words)

The Lytics is a Canadian group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've been recently digging & discovering a lot of local hiphop talents and this group really took me by surprise. They couldn't be more right when comparing their sound to Pharcyde & Souls Of Mischief. Look out for them in the future, they have what it takes to blooooow up. Always down to support local acts.

Panacea - Incubator Purgatory

This hip-hop duo from Washington, DC consisted of emcee Raw Poetic & producer K-Murdock has one sick style. No wonder they had a deal with Rawkus Records (Record company well known for jump-starting Talib Kweli & Mos Def careers and plenty of other talented artists). I'd compare their musicality to A Tribe Called Quest. Good stuff

Marcelo D2 - Desabafo

Since my partner in crime MDMAwesome seems to be missing summer so much I thought I'd finish this post on an energetic summer vibe. Marcelo D2 is a well known Brazilian rapper in south america. He's been doing his thing for a long time. He mixes samba grooves with a refreshing hip-hop twist.

hope you enjoyed today's post,

see you next time


la belle vie

Que pasta, motherfuckers.

Time for more music. I tried to mix it up a bit for you this morning. I hope that you appreciate these tunes as much as I do.

Smith Westerns- Be My Girl

Quirky, fun lo-fi garage pop. Awkward and loveable.

Ignition- Beer

My cousin sent this over to me a few weeks ago, and I figured I'd throw it up. Ignition are a band from the South Shore of Montreal, a ragged bunch of 15-16 year olds who enjoy playin gigs and making solid rock music. I think this is a cover, but it was charming and catchy enough that I thought I'd share it with you.

Jan Driver- Gain Reaction (Now streaming only)

Jan Driver – Gain Reaction by MDMAwesome

Jan Driver is a talented producer out of Germany, who released this on Boys Noize Records recently. This absolute behemoth of a tune is a mix of jacking house, techno rhythms, and electro buildups. The bass and the melody are ridiculous haunting, and I don't believe that any mammal could resist grooving to this. Take my word for it.

Miike Snow- Silvia

Miike Snow, of course, are the shit. Some might say that they are overhyped, but I've been re-discovering their self-titled album. It's two years old, but the dreamy melodies and catchy hooks have aged well. Of course, the Felix the Housecat and the Sebastian Ingrosso and Dirty South remixes are surefire dancefloor obliterators, but I really dig the emotional vocals and the synth work in the original. And it's quite the fitting soundtrack to this morning, staring out of an 18th floor office building at the dark skyline of Montreal. Night shifts do have their perks.

Stinj- Vara Lubirii (Brenmar remix)

Honestly, Brenmar is probably the producer that pops up the most in this space. Besides being a genuinely nice dude (then again, I only met him for like 15 minutes, but I digress), his material is getting exponentially more dope as time goes on. His productions are make-out music for the future, sensual stratosphere salvos that burn up any speaker, warm body or dancefloor within their blast radius.

Young L- Big Money

Nuff said, really. The genius behind The Pack, the originator of the BASED sound, the self-proclaimed King of Fruity Loops, the mighty Young Legend. His raps may not be terribly on-point, but no one could rap on these bizarre future beats as well as he does. It just fits.

See you tomorrow, with the first LAID BACK SUNDAY of 2011.



In denial

You know, Cal often speaks the truth. My post this morning (night shift for the win!) will consist of me bitching about the weather, and dropping a few bombs, and a great video. I realize that it's nigh-useless for us to apologize about our laziness every other post, so I'll try to cut that out. Not that we arent' apologetic about it, of course, but merely because it must be getting old to hear the same speech all of the time.

Even though I've said in the past that I try not to listen to reggae in the winter, as it is way too depressing, a recent obsession with all things UK has forced me to come to terms with the vast carribean influence in its music scene. Also, after checking out a few BEST OF 2010 lists, I've come accross a few really dope tunes that had passed me by.

Jesus H Christ it's cold in Montreal. Ugh.

Enjoy the beats!

Natalie Storm x Redlight- Bang Bang (MDMA riddim refix)

Natalie Storm, of amazing dancehall outfit TnT, hopped over the grime/uk bass anthem MDMA from British procuder Redlight on a recent mixtape with Federation Sound's own Max Glazer (which you can grab on Federation's site HERE). You should really check out the mixtape, it's filled with great stuff. Natalie storms goes in on a bunch of dancehall, reggae, house and uk funky beats. Vicious flow!

Gappy Ranks- Longtime

Apparently Gappy Ranks got his start on UK Pirate Radio, and has collaborated with such artists as Twista, Lethal Bizzle & Kray Twinz. He's a multi-talented vocalist/lyricist that can pull off proper dancehall, reggae and grime tunes effortlessly. This is probably one of the best reggae tunes of the past year and I will definitely look forward to exploring more of Gappy Rank's vast catalog.

Completely unrelated sidenote:

Colour me reaaaaally late, but I just discovered Rinse FM. Yeah, I know. Tragic.

The last song that I'm posting is a reader submission, LUV LUV by Two Inch Punch, a producer out of the UK. It's a great slice of Luvstep, the peculiar sub-genre of dubstep that focuses on soft, ethereal vocals and melodies instead of the straight wobble-wobble that a lot of brostep banks on. Regardless, Two Inch Punch provided us with a little write-up that'll give a bit of insight into his admittedly interesting musical background. Check out his soundcloud more more goodies, if you please.

I am a frustrated Soul / RnB singer, with an ear for harmony, melody & a love for dub, rap and soul.

My background is that I am a songwriter/producer for I Blame Coco & Lil Wayne, guitarist for Little Boots, remixed for Marina & The Diamonds.

This is my solo project where i dig for weird drum sounds, glitchy basses, smashed up strings & squashed vocals and retune them to make my own track

+++ Luv Luv --- by +Two Inch Punch-

We've actually posted this next video on our Facebook page, but for those of you who are not members (shaaaaaame), I've decided to post it. It's a new documentary of sorts, shot by 2 guys who decided to explore New York City's beautiful underground, meaning the often abandonned subway stations. If you've ever written graffiti before, I think this video really captures that tension, that palpable feeling of adrenaline that comes with sneaking around in places that you shouldn't be at.

If you're into urban exploration, or if you just enjoy well-shot,visually amazing videos, then you should definitely get a kick out of this.





Temperature always seems to be the number 1 subject in the world.
Ain't got shit to say ? Just yack some bullshit about how ugly/beautiful the weather is/was.

Anyhow the song shared today is called "Temperature". I've been bumping this track for a long time. This beat is a classic, you'll never get tired of hearing this relaxing sound. I swear

Zion I feat. Talib Kweli - Temperature

cheap post huh,

better luck next time




well well well if it isnt my first post of the new years 
actually it must be my first post in the past 2 weeks or so
doing what AtV does best        

we didnt have a best of 2010 cause we are lazy bums
instead I encourage you to peep the brilliant list John Roman put together
110 tracks you should've heard in 2010
his Sing Ep is dropping mid January
show some love

on with material from the new year
Skream hopped on the remix of Cassius' "I love you so"
adding a very enjoyable up tempo dubstep twist to the song
it will be one of those early hits of the year
Annie Mac knows best

aahhhh sheeeeit Ghostface is back on the Killah tracks
the sample is weirdly inserted into this phenomenal beat
totally makes the song in my opinion

Ghostface Killah - Together Baby

I am quite surprised to have never posted the Toddla T remix of Gyptian's banger "Hold Yuh"
nor the Major Lazer remix and I really like the song
but my procrastination will be beneficial for all in the end
Mad Decent ya feel me

Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Richie Beretta Remix Feat Badda Flex)

Believe me we have hyped more than enough people from Reims
Rightously so
It is therefore impossible to pass up Monsieur Monsieur
Get on their new Dirty Minded EP
Dropping soon with remixes from Canblaster
Excellent say Brodinski, Drop the Lime, Style of Eye & Crookers
New remixes our up on their Soundcloud suckas

Adam Kesher - Hundred Years Later (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)

right hope you have been enjoying my punctuationless post
it has been a thrill to do
enough with the going mental
one more song should fix this
no idea how i missed this last year

Clouds - Liquid

B is for BANG


Regal Swag

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, courtesans and conquistadors.

Grown Folk, the great new collabo from Montreal's Kid Aloha and Roledex, have just released the second edition of their monthly Grown Folk Collection mix.

Their first one, which we posted a while back, was very well received, and since this second edition is of extremely high quality, I couldn't resist sharing it with you. If Grown Folk is not on your radar yet, they should be. The mixes they put out are fantastic, and they always include a new production. This time around, it's the groovy V.V.S (Very Very Slightly), forthcoming on Templar Sound (Who've just launched their new blog, too!).

Track Selection = So very on-point. Good lord. I haven't heard a lot of these, but better believe I will be hunting these tunes down.

Grown Folk Collection N˚ 02 by Grown Folk

1. Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust) - Egyptrixx / Night Slugs
2. Too Fast (Femme en Fourrure Remix) - Jamtech Foundation / Discobelle
3. 123 (STSQ Remix) - LOL Boys / CD-R
4. Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix) - Claude Von Stroke / Dirtybird
5. V.V.S. (Very, Very Slightly) - Grown Folk / Templar Sound
6. The Alps (Kassem Mosse Fix) - Braiden / Doldrums
7. Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Mosca / Fat City
8. Holdin' On - Jacques Greene / Lucky Me
9. Atom Funk - Trankilou / KIF SA
10. R&B Drunkie - Mark E / Golf Channel
11. Tropical Heat - Boy 8-Bit / K7
12. Bobo - Hunnee / Rush Hour
13. Metropole - Kink / Rush Hour
14. One Thing (French Fries Remix) - Amerie / CD-R
15. 13 - Skanky / CD-R
16. PClart - Kavsrave / Numbers
17. Start It Up - Lloyd Banks ft. Fabolous, Kanye West, Swizz Beats, Ryan Leslie / G-Unit
18. 6'7" - Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz / Young Money

I hope that you enjoy this fine mix from the East Coast's newest future bass music maestros. It's the perfect soundtrack to a candle-lit dinner, a victorian masquerade rave, a knighting or even a druidic orgy. Grown Folk is pretty self-explanatory, actually. Refined, sexy dance music for those who know how to appreciate the finer things in life.

Show some love.

Grown Folk Soundcloud

Grown Folk Facebook

(lame write-up, perhaps, but I've just worked the night shift and I am fuckin' poooooped. Sleep time.)

I've also thrown in a few other grown-up future sounds for your next romantic soirée. There's nothing quite like deep, powerful bass and haunting melodies to put you in the mood to make magic.

Nicolas Jaar- Mi Mujer
Lunice & The Jealous Guys- Bus Stop Jazz (Buy)
Velour- Booty Slammer
Soul Clap-Extravaganza

Enjoy your afternoon, my friends.




2011 is here baby. Hittin' up Afrika Bambaata DJ set tonight. Last time I saw him he fucking rocked the crowd. His electro-funk is on point.
Once again droppin' bunch of random songs to keep your ears fulfilled on this fine January 1st.

Harmonic 313 - Battlestar feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi

Big Pooh feat. Keri Hilson - World Cry
Mistah FAB - Boom Bap (Prod. by Ekzakt)
Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars (Starker Remix)
Wombats - Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) ('96 Bulls Remix)

have fun